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Wax Brain Edition HoneyDabber II


Wax Brain is a four piece stoner-shred band from Morgantown, WV. Formed in the summer of 2015 by John, Ian, Anthony, and Josh, the band pushes shredding, fuzzy guitars and bass up against heavy, pounding drums with elements of stoner metal and punk rock. The band thrives on live shows, comfortably fitting in with many different bands, and has opened for a variety of larger acts from Cult Leader and Crowbar, to MC Chris and Green Jelly.


Wax Brain has released three projects to date, with the most recent being the band's first full-length album, 'Hive Mind'. Self-recorded and released in 2021, the album was mixed and mastered by Neil Tuuri at Amish Electric Chair studios. 'Hive Mind' ranked at #16 on the October '21 Doom Charts, and songs from the album have been featured on radio shows such as Ignite Heavy, the Mighty Decibel, More Fuzz, and Hour of the Riff.


"Wax Brain delivers just the right amount of stoner, sludge, and Motörhead worship that should appeal to a wide selection of fans, and enough variety to keep you on your toes from song to song if that’s your thing like it is for me!"

~ Remi VL (Oct. '21 Doom Charts)


Wax Brain's music can be found at the following links, and on most major streaming platforms:


Bandcamp -


Spotify -


Apple Music -


Wax Brain's various social media links as well as a link to the most recent music video can be found below:


"Waxing Gibbous" Music Video -


Facebook -


Instagram -


Twitter -


Photo Credit: Corey Jones Photography


Our HoneyDabbers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more durable concentrate straw for on the go. From the city slicker to the mountaineer our HoneyDabbers are built to go where you go! Although we don't reccommend it, they will even float in water!


Made from locally sourced Northeastern American cherry wood, laser engraved, and sealed with all natural boiled linseed oil.


The only concentrate straw that can be put away hot! Made possible by a Patented design that uses a removable heat resistant sleeve to protect the user and their surroundings from the hot tip after each use!


Fully replaceable tips and the option to go with quartz or titanium make the HoneyDabber a no brainer!


Please read and understand warranty and order information that can be found on our FAQ page prior to ordering.

Wax Brain Edition HoneyDabber II™

$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price

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  • Here at Honey Labs, we strive to make the highest quality products while making the commitment to never cut corners. We are craftsmen at heart and that is why we do what we do.

    So, when we updated our HoneyDabber II with a hint of brass we did it the way an honest craftsman would. Paying homage to an age old tradition of craftsmanship blending natural wood grain with brass, we made it with 100% genuine brass rather than brass plating a different cheaper metal. 

    Genuine brass, unlike Brass plating, will naturally tarnish as it ages. With regular use and handling, the brass itself is exposed to the oxygen in the air, and oxidation occurs which results in a tarnish or patina on the surface of the brass that keeps it from looking clean and bright. While to some individuals have the opinion that oxidized brass doesn't always look as nice as brass in